Spring Must-Do's

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What I love about spring is that it's flirtatious, it's peppy, and it's easy. It's energetic and exciting in a way that's rambunctious in a good way. In fact, I find myself wanting to be all of those things as well.   


Flirtatious, peppy, energetic, exciting, and rambunctious! 

It's spring and before spring melds slowly into Summer, I always like to capture the bouncy moments of the season while I can! It's a time for peppy large arrangements of peonies (my absolute favorite spring flower) or bold arrangements with pops of brightly colored tulips! Before the summer heat creeps in, now is when I love to

1. Eat meals out on the porch
2. Take phone calls in the garden
3. Take walks immediately after spring rain has hit!
4. Change out my linens to bright colors and light textures
    - duvet cover
    - kitchen towels
    - table cloth

Because scent is a major part of spring I also love;
1. Big bouquets of fragrant flowers

2. Using really lovely floral cleaning products to clean counters, dishes, floors, etc. My two fans hands down are:

//////  Williams Sonoma's "Gardenia" kitchen soap and counter spray ---; check it out here! 

/////Mrs. Meyer's Lilac Set --- find it here honey!

3.  Wearing light, floral lotions and perfumes during the day (night is another story!)

Happy Spring everyone! Enjoy every last drop! 
xo, Jolie Goodnight

{PS this post includes some sponsored content! But it's stuff I love and use myself, so you know it's fabulous!)