4 Daily Cleaning Checklists That Make Life So Much Easier

Hello, World!

In practicing my New Year's Resolution of, "habits = happiness" I began a very extensive search into cleaning checklists. I'll reiterate something I've said it other posts -  It’s not that I want to be Susie Homemaker, but I fully recognize that fact that a huge pile of laundry is stressful to me. It is obvious to me now that I become giddy at the sight of a well-made bed. One day at a time works better for me than letting my home's accouterments scatter around the household until I have to spend and entire day (or two) trying to put things back together. I refuse to treat my house like humpty-dumpty.

Better yet, I like that idea that anyone can drop by my home at almost anytime and I'm not frantically cramming the mess into a closet to hide now, then sort a year from now. 

A home kept daily means more time to do things like this (which is a #lifegoal for me. Duh:)

I've been experimenting with 2 different methods:
1. Focus on one room per week 
2. Focus on one task per week that covers the entire house

In the end though, there are some daily tasks that hold true no matter what the other tasks are.


  • 1. A load of laundry per day
  • 2. Make the bed
  • 3. Tidy the living room
  • 4. Go to bed with a clean & empty sink
  • 5. Sort all clothes (hang back up, put away, or put in the laundry)

Because I'm realllllly into lists, I found these lists particularly handy, which I combined for myself into one fabulous list. You too might find them helpful! Try to approach these lists with the idea of the DAILY clean - one habit at a time darlings!

Do you have a list that you recommend? Have you created something that I'll simply adore and should feature on this blog? Please comment below! xo, Jolie Goodnight

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