The Summer Market Bag : And How to Personalize It

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In the Earth conscious city of Austin, it's required to bring bags with you at all times for any shopping you might encounter through-out your day. While stores have bags to offer, they cost extra money, and you are left with that gritty feeling of having wasted something. I've cultivated the habit of keeping bags that I LOVE in my cars, draped over the back-kitchen door, and over the hook in the entry way so I'm never stuck without my grocery bags!


A trick I've learned from my travels in France is that oh-so-chic French Market Bag. It's a woven classic that looks great with any outfit and any shopping is made instantly more glamorous just by being placed inside of it!

5 Uses for The French Market Bag:

1. Grocery Items

2. Daily Shopping

3. Your new fav Summer Purse

4. Beach Bag

5. Overnight/Weekend Stays 

Where to Buy Your Market Bag:

  1. Casablanca Market Moroccan Market Basket

  2. Sornean Straw Beach Bag Handbags Shoulder Bag Tote

  3. French Market Beach Bag

  4. Moroccan Straw Market Bag w/ Braided Handles & Buckle

  5. ROUND FRENCH MARKET BASKET - a cute different kind!


Ways to Customize Your French Market Bag:

What's even more appealing about this bag is the ability to customize it for yourself

1. Embroider it with names, monograms, or quotes!

2. Add colorful tassels and/or pom poms!

3. Paint it with cherries or whatever fruit strikes your fancy!

4. Add a liner on the inside to prevent snags

Trust me! You'll love the way a baguette looks sticking out of the top and you'll adore the feeling of pulling your newest dress and shoes from it! 

This fits with our vintage-meets-modern lifestyles by being both frugal and stylish! Some have short handles for a cute hand-held look. Some have long handles for each carrying and toting around town.

Jole Gracey