9 Must-Read Books

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When it comes to books there are so many options you just need someone to say, “here are top ten must read books!” I’ve always been an avid reader, looking forward to the moment when I crawl into bed at the end of the day and escape into my current read. Or sometimes it’s the beginning of the day that’s the best time to read - to start your day off with someone else’s story. I’m finding that as more and more physical bookstores become unavailable to me, or as I download books onto my iPad more frequently, lists like this are helpful. I would normally wander through the bookstore, judging books by their covers, their summaries, their tagged recommendations. So let me help you by giving you some of my favorite books I’ve read recently!

So if you’re looking for a solid list of books to add to your reading list, you’ve come to the right place!


These books are all fiction/literary each one offering something different! Because I am sometimes reading a couple of books at once (I also love to read when on tour or while traveling) it’s best to have a good mix; humorous, spooky, mysterious, dramatic, silly, and extraordinary. Or if you’re part of a book club any of these would be great for book club conversations and discussions, being complex enough for discourse, but readable enough for any reader!

Each one of these books is one that stuck with me, that I still think about occasionally. I’ve even read a couple of them more than once! Here’s to you enjoying these books possibly as much as I did! Cheers!, Jolie Goodnight

Jole Gracey